Current Projects

Projects for 2016/18

Supplementary Education Program: 

FOTC has successfully delivered mentoring to youngsters within the 10 -18 age group in Milton Keynes over the last two years. With this experience, we have extended our influence in education with the aim to improve the GCSE results of youngsters within the said age group. FOTC has initiated a program of 6+ children, covering subject areas of Mathematics,English & Sciences. Our Objective is;

  • To improve the GCSE results of students
  • To increase opportunities to broaden students horizons
  • To empower students to make informed decisions
  • To enable students to close achievement gaps
  • To give students new learning experiences

Extending our Mentoring Program: 

We’ve been very successful with our mentoring program at Stantonbury for the past couple of years, however, as with everything these days, success comes at a price and we need to raise more funds. We believe we all have a duty to ensure our youngsters grow up educated and able to make informed choices. We can all play a part in making sure this happens. We would like to place a major focus on fundraising particularly to allow us to continue this program, any ideas you may have that can help in this area, please put them forward.

Promoting FOTC’s Objectives within the community:

The Board aims to work closely with other community leaders and doers at every level, from all backgrounds and cultural traditions, both in Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas. We believe we have an excellent opportunity to fill a much needed space and promote the Caribbean and our culture to others. We can only achieve this by working together, we are the only Caribbean charity in Milton Keynes, let’s be proud and promote FOTC.

Promoting our Annual Family Cricket Fun Day/ Fundraising Ball:

In the ten years we have been going, this event has developed into one of the premier Caribbean event in the UK, and we should all be proud of this achievement. We are all stakeholders here and to continue this success we again need to raise funds, get more sponsorships and have more people willing to volunteer their services to help. Every year we do our best to promote and market the ball. we advertise the ability for people to pay for their tickets in installments.

An umbrella group for all UK Caribbean organisations :

We will continue to provide a home for all UK Caribbean organisations to engage with each other. If nothing else we can achieve economies of scale in purchasing equipment for the Caribbean.