Supplementary Education

Education Objectives

Improve the Educational outcomes of students by providing the following; programmes;

  • Tuition classes for English\Maths\Science\Guitar and 11plus
  • To improve the GCSE results of students
  • To increase number of students transitioning to University and higher education
  • To encourage, promote and motivate early education success e.g. 11plus grammar school entry
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  • To increase opportunities to broaden students horizons.
  • To empower students to make informed decisions.
  • To enable students to close achievement gaps.
  • To give students new learning experiences
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    The September term began with our focus being on children preparing for 11plus, SATS and GCSE Maths and English. FOTC has been overwhelmed with interest in our supplementary education programme from the general public and from members within the organisation. This interest has sparked internal actions for us to again move to a larger location.
    This interest has also resulted in a 20% increase in student numbers forcing us to now offer 4 evenings per week and consider including Saturday mornings. We have also increased the number of tutors. Our school has also invested in a number of computers ensuring each student has access to online material; ensuring the tutoring sessions for each pupil is targeted to the specific needs of that student.
    In order for us to continue our support to the community, in this area of great need, we are seeking further funding and donations. Your welcomed involvement as volunteers can be achieved by contacting us on

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