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Meet The Team

FOTC is run by a team of volunteers devoted to making a difference in our community

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Rose Hudson-Wilkin
Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons

I am sure that you will agree with me that we are punching way above our weight as an organization with very little financial resources. The work we do give real expression to the term “mi likkle but mi talawa”. One thing I am certain, we have in abundance is hope and expectation. This has become part of our spring-board which as enabled us to launch a number of significant pieces of work.

“The work we do give real expression to the term 'mi likkle but mi talawa'. One thing I am certain, we have in abundance is hope and expectation.”
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Shirley Palmer-Hopkins
Vice Chair

I am one of the founders of FOTC and proud of our existence, resilience and relevance to continue serving the local and wider communities, it’s open to everyone.
Our schools, workplaces and country increasingly consists of various cultural, racial and ethnic groups so we need to have a level of understanding about each other in order to work together.

There’s value when we can help a child to attend their chosen school, mentor disadvantaged children and the elderly to access services. I care too much to sit back and do nothing .

“Unity is strength “
Ivan Palmer ( My father)
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Maureen Smith
Office Administrator

A confident, well-balanced individual with extensive administrative and secretarial experience at senior management level; showing enthusiasm and initiative in all aspects of work. Being positive and outgoing allows her to communicate her knowledge clearly and precisely.

"Maureen enjoys working with fellow volunteers at events to achieve the success of the common goal."
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Bertram Reid
Head of the Mentoring Program

Lay minister, College Lecturer, Radio presenter and Neuro linguistic practitioner; Bertram Reid has always found himself in the business of personal change and transformation; whether in Church, education, or in his personal life.

Bert has fifteen years’ experience as a mentor and ran mentoring programmes in a range of different settings, i.e. schools, churches, prisons, youth offending services as well as being commissioned by the local authority to run programmes targeting young people at risk of serious youth crime.

At his first FOTC meeting in September 2018, he became impressed with the passion, commitment and good old-fashioned hard work being demonstrated by the group. He now heads the mentoring program and currently working on a mentoring strategy; first phase to start in 2020.
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Anthony Young
Project Manager

I am a MK based photographer, with a love of people, community and stories we all have to tell. This being reflected in my photography and the projects I undertake. For me FOTC is more than just an organisation, it is a family membership focused on the successful outcomes for its members, local community and Milton Keynes.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou
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Yvonne Russell
Committee Member / Administrator

An exciting visionary that undertakes a variety of Administrative tasks that supports the charity activities and events to facilitate their success.

Dedicated to the educational and personal success of young under-achievers of Afro - Caribbean descent and other ethnic groups.
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Anthony Russell
Board Member & Founding Administrator of EMS Tutoring

Mr. Russell is an experienced Science and Mathematics teacher who serves several secondary schools in the Milton Keynes and surrounding area.

Dedicated to pushing the vision of better academics through personalised tutoring for children of all abilities, in order to fully realise their academic potential.
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Wain McIntosh
Chairman -MBE, BSc, MSc

As chairman and founding member of FOTC, I am extremely proud of our achievements, especially our supplementary education and mentoring programs, since inception over 12 years ago. With four of my five children benefitting from tertiary study and the youngest still in high school, education has always been important to us. Today we can claim a graduate from LSE at Master's Level, a child at Medical school with the other two at Drama and Vet schools. I work tirelessly to ensure they understand and appreciate their Caribbean heritage.

“My aim is that we continue with the vision of a society where the Caribbean Community is fully included and our well being is a priority and where justice is promoted. ”
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