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Join FOTC and help to improve Life chances of the community

Every charity needs new members in order to be vibrant and active. New members introduce new ideas, bring fresh perspectives and will enable us to extend our reach in the community.

Being a member of FOTC provides you with a unique opportunity to influence, improve and support local services. 

Membership Opportunities:

As a member you will have many opportunities to use your expertise and skills to support FOTC in achieving its aims and objectives and Improving Life Chances, especially but not limited to, those of the Caribbean heritage.

Our Main Projects:

There are also opportunities to share your talent, expertise and skills in any of the areas below:

Join us and reap the benefits:

Membership is open to individuals, or businesses that are interested in promoting the objects of FOTC.

Choose your preferred membership option below:
Annual Fees:
Individual Membership

(2 adults / 2 kids)

£ 35.00
(at same address)

£ 10.00
students /

We rely on our members not only for volunteering their time, but for their willingness to be an advocate for FOTC.  This will allow us to raise much-needed funds to support our project and to expand our services to our Caribbean community in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us: