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health forums
Health Forums

FOTC’s Health Forums in associations with the major health agencies helps individuals find their own health pathway by the dispersing of relevant material and people experiences

As health concerns and disparities reflect aversely on the Caribbean and African Community (CAC), FOTC takes up the challenge to make positive impacts in the Milton Keynes community.

Our Health Forums’ agenda focuses on barriers to care and other disparities affecting CAC patients, as well as clinical take-aways.  Awareness-building seminars address the question “How do I keep well?,” and attendees will learn how to make positive changes from a professional health panel including: Prostate Cancer UK, NHS, British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK.

The forums are generally fun and educational. It covers CAC health concerns, eating well and a mobile Diabetes testing centre. 

If you would like to be notified of our next Health Forum, please send your contact information – info@friendsofthecaribbean.co.uk