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Caribbean Film Festival
Caribbean Film Festival

FOTC Caribbean Film Festival, produced in partnership with the Milton Keynes Gallery, is now in its 3rd year and is the UK newest and most robust celebration of Caribbean cinema in the industry.

The last event was opened by Milton Keynes Mayor, Councillor Martin Petchey, who although had seen “Fire in Babylon” remarked it was a treat for cricket fans who will be thrilled to this nostalgic look back at one of sport’s greatest teams. The two featured films shown were, “Chrissy”, an inspirational film about a disadvantaged school girl who is bullied and discriminated against, but who fought the odds and triumphed securing much needed help from her family and her school and “Barrow: Freedom Fighter”, a passionate story about the courage of one man who relentlessly preached a gospel of economic self-reliance and self-respect to the people of his native country Barbados and beyond

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Caribbean film. The industry is on the cusp of an evolution. Increased access to information and equipment, along with a renewed passion to tell their stories for themselves, has resulted in a Caribbean cinematic renaissance.

FOTC is dedicated to Embracing and Promoting the Lush Caribbean Culture through the Eye of The Director’s Lens. Our mission is to promote, support, increase and heighten interest and awareness of Caribbean films, filmmakers, screen writers, producers and directors in the Caribbean Basin and the Diaspora year-round, focusing particularly in June.

Film Festival – An Annual Event – During June of every year, we endeavor to provide our audiences with films which highlight the rich Caribbean Culture; our customs, our beliefs, our stories, our history! The Festival will provide opportunities for our diverse audiences to not only screen several films from many Caribbean nations, but also where possible, interact with the film makers, producers, writers and directors in a series of Meet-and-Greets and interviews throughout the Milton Keynes area.

It is our hope that through The Milton Keynes Caribbean Film Festival, we will foster greater understanding and support of our history, make positive contributions to the Arts and to our society, while sharing the Caribbean’s distinctive charms and unique historical and modern perspectives through the artistic eyes of our humble filmmakers.

Requests for film Submission for 2020

Rules & Terms

Films submitted to Milton Keynes Friends of the Caribbean Film Festival (MKCFF) must be Caribbean in nature. The films must depict Caribbean life, culture, or must be filmed in the Caribbean; involve Caribbean producers, directors, or contains subject matter about the Caribbean.

Submissions to MKCFF should also include two, or more high resolution official film poster, or behind the scene stills. A synopsis of the film should be in a Word document, or a PDF file format. The synopsis should include information about the film such as cast, production credits the director’s biography. While MKCFF may create a synopsis of your film, it is highly desirable that your film submission include a press kit, which should include the synopsis.

Next year, we will be showcasing Caribbean films, but over two evenings (Friday & Saturday) and extend to include local colleges and universities. Please nominate films/short documentary you believe might be worthy of viewing, or just volunteer to help on the evening. info@friendsofthecaribbean.co.uk.