Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, government agencies are just as affected as ordinary citizens, and consequently, may not be able to quickly engage with citizens or neighbouring entities to implement recovery. This is particularly the case with fast-moving, mega storms that may hit multiple countries in succession, and restrict the movement of goods and services by air or sea. 

Since experts warn of more frequent and powerful storms in the coming years, it’s important to quickly identify lessons learned from recent disasters, and implement improvements that not only save lives, but ensure better post storm access to clean water, food, medicines, and also electricity, transport, and safe infrastructure.

Here is your opportunity to assist with the aftermath of BERYL. We intend to work with the UK based Caribbean embassies and local volunteering organisations in the Caribbean to help us identify local projects to assist with. We intend to make use of existing networks to help deliver projects we will identify from the list below where we can ascertain feedback in a timely manner.

Make contact to learn how you can assist at info@friendsofthecaribbean.co.uk

Our relief efforts will be directed to:

  • Primary Schools repairs
  • Secondary Schools repairs 
  • Small farmers assistance 
  • Low-income families
  • Worthwhile causes 
  • Long term environmental projects 

                                   Relief Initiative, Cash Donations: 

Due to the complexities of shipping logistics, we have determined that cash donations are the most efficient and effective way to provide relief. Financial contributions allow us to quickly procure and distribute essential supplies directly to those in need, ensuring timely and impactful assistance. Please make your donation by clicking the donate button below.

You may also make a direct deposit to this account:   

(Natwest, Sort Code 60-14-55 Account 60826452)