Mentorship Program

Befriending & Mentoring


The growth of the Caribbean Community within Milton Keynes and surrounding areas has highlighted the need for social representation.  An analysis of the PLASC school census data indicates 19% come from a minority ethnic group. The proportion alters with age with a higher proportion of minority ethnic groups in Nursery and Reception years, accounting for 21% of all pupils. Of those of Primary School age 20% come from minority ethnic groups, and 17.4% of those of Secondary school. The number of minority children at risk of social exclusion and underachieving is increasing hence a concerted, structured and community approach to address this issue is necessary. (This is supported by Dr Steve Strand report looking into the differences in academic achievement between black Caribbean 14-year-olds and their white peers”- Sept 2008)

Aims and Objectives

We aim to improve the life chances of children between the ages of 11 to 16 years in full time education and who are at risk as identified through our partner organisations.  To achieve our aim, we intend to;

  • Provide additional guidance, to smooth the process for students to achieve their potential through full participation in education.
  • Creates positive relationships, increases self-awareness and raises self-esteem. 
  • Improves basic skills and develops interpersonal and social skills. 
  • Creates an educational environment of improved student development and retention.  
  • To empower students to make informed decisions helping to close achievement gaps. 
  • Prepare a time table of regular face to face meetings with individual students as referred by the school’s pastoral teams.
  • By supporting students to maximise learning opportunities.
  • By increasing access and engagement in activities that are not commonplace for them.​