People with Caribbean heritage and those just wanting to assist those affected by the hurricane in Dominica and Antigua/Barbuda, gathered for an evening of variety entertainment last Saturday evening at the Ridgeway Centre.

Under the distinguished patronage of the Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Martin Petchey and representatives from both the Jamaican and Dominican High Commissions, entertainers wowed the audience with excellent performances.

The event started promptly at 7pm with experienced MC Mista Fixit calling things to order and Pastor Maddix opening the proceedings with a prayer. Chairman, Wain McIntosh welcomed the audience and took the time to update on the achievements of FOTC over the years, from annual health awareness forums to supplementary education. 

The Mayor again welcomed everyone highlighting both the need to assist and contribution of the Caribbean community to Milton Keynes.

The young brass band kicked of the real entertainment by performing two numbers from their library followed by young violinist John T, following in his father’s footstep.

Saxophonist Carlston Medford, used his 15 minutes to wow the audience with some familiar tracks. The entertainment continued with the choir from Life International Christian Fellowship, which took the audience on a journey with a melody of gospel classics with great participation. 

Saxophonist Lascelles James delivered a professional set, which took us into the break.  Patties donated by Port Royal patties and cakes donated by Carlston Medfrom and Blue Mountain Yard, served with tea and coffee kept the guests well nourished.

 Julian Pentz, the conductor of the Milton Keynes Youth Orchestra and experienced violinist opened the second half of the program, with two audience-involved renditions.  This was followed by the very energetic Pete Campbell whose renditions kept us on our feet dancing and amused. The highlight of the evening was the duet from both saxophonists bringing the house down at 10pm.

Special thanks to the FOTC team for a very well organised evening and to the very generous audience allowing us to collect £1,675.00 and a van full of Donation in Kind on the evening.

If you need additional information about the upcoming events, or would like to volunteer some time to FOTC, please email