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The Annual Ball

This Ball has developed into one of the premier Caribbean event in the UK. We are all stakeholders here and to continue this success we again need to raise funds, get more sponsorships and have more people willing to volunteer their services to help.


Mentoring Program

We’ve been very successful with our mentoring program at Stantonbury for the past couple of years, however, as with everything these days, success comes at a price and we need to raise more funds.


The Board aims to work closely with other community leaders and doers at every level, from all backgrounds and cultural traditions, both in Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas.

Ball 2015 - The Greatest Lovers Rock Show to hit Milton Keynes .

Tickets are limited so purchase yours before its too late

Friends of the Caribbean

Why Join FOTC?

  • Community Contribution

    The growth of the Caribbean Community within Milton Keynes and surrounding areas highlighted the need for Friends of the Caribbean Association (MK) to be formed. Our primary objective is to promote cultural, social, educational, health and economic activities among our community in the Milton Keynes area and the wider Caribbean region.

  • Helping Others

    We will where possible act as an umbrella organisation for existing groups within our community, bridging any existing gaps with other like organisations, hence providing a united voice for our community. This will enable the Caribbean Community to have a voice and to promote, the diverse mix of the West Indian culture. Strongly celebrating who we are, therefore building a community that is grounded in this region.

  • Work Together

    Act as an umbrella organisation for Caribbean Diaspora groups in the UK.

Join Us At Ball - 2015 - See below who performed at Ball 2014